Artisanal jewellery designed in London.

Our Story

The Origins of Kensho: A Ulyssian Quest for Self-Discovery

Stepping into Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Família, founder Mrigya Sharma experienced a profound transformation, feeling as though she had entered a portal of metamorphosis. The architectural masterpiece served as a testament to the untapped genius within each of us, waiting to be unlocked. Amidst historical grandeur and symbolism, a soulful calling emerged, guiding her on a journey of self-discovery.

Yearning for life's purpose, Mrigya cultivated a shared spirit with Gaudi’s design and philosophy, leading to the creation of Kensho—a celebration of imperfections and an inspiration for individuals to draw strength from within. With organic shapes, intricate symbolism, and a celebration of imperfections, Kensho embodies his spirit, challenging norms through meticulous craftsmanship and bold, innovative designs. The essence resonates in our brand name 'Kensho,' symbolising a Ulyssian journey of the soul towards self-discovery and growth.

Unveiling Our Founder's Tale: From Heritage to Wearable Art

The inspiration from Sagrada Família in Barcelona gracefully harmonises with Mrigya’s fascination for family traditions in the East. At the heart of this narrative lies the radiant exchange of a gold coin or 'ginni' at her wedding, passed from mother to daughter over three generations. This priceless gold coin becomes a guiding compass in her transformative journey, where the dream to revitalise heirloom jewellery converges with a deep appreciation for Gaudi's artistic brilliance.

The Culmination: The Miracles Within You

In a seamless fusion of architecture, heritage, and personal inspiration, our founder’s journey weaves with Gaudi's visionary spirit, building a story of audacious art, tradition, and craft. This union finds expression in Kensho's jewellery, mirroring life's imperfections and guiding the discovery of inner strength.

Kensho's first creation, The Womb Medallion, is a sacred portal symbolsing wisdom, creative power, and the birthplace of miracles. Designed in London and handcrafted using the almost-forgotten ancient lost-wax technique, the medallion carries an engraved affirmation at the back - 'The Miracle Lies Within Me.' It embodies Kensho’s philosophy, inviting wearers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

With every Kensho piece, you carry a fragment of an extraordinary narrative—an invitation to embrace your genuine self, draw strength from your core, and discover the miracles within. Our jewellery is an enduring testament, a treasured modern heirloom, an emblem of your strength, preserving timeless artistry, celebrating imperfections, and enduring humanity.

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